Ambidexterity Club’s 2021 Int’l Young-Adult Conference

Join the Ambidexterity Club Team and Young Adults from across the globe, for our 2021 International Young-Adult Conference!! This year, our International Conference will be held on ZOOM, on Saturday, MARCH 20, 2021, at 10 AM sharp, US Eastern Standard Time. Presenters from African countries such as Kenya, Uganda, Namibia, Ghana, Nigeria, etc., will be joining us; as well as young-adults from the United Kingdom; YAs from Jamaica; YAs from Haiti; YAs from India; YAs from the Netherlands; and YAs from various states in the United States of America–including Florida, Connecticut, Maryland, Texas–and many others who will join us as guests. Don’t miss this year’s conference–even if you’re not a young-adult (18-40), please feel welcome to join us in support of your Young-Adult participants across the world! If you would like to join us, please send an email to: to receive the link. God bless!!

Ambidexterity Club will be hosting a CD Launch Concert for Pastor Gloria Gardner August 24. Watch here for further details.

The concert will feature a great mix of musicians and Christian performers such as the Mime sensation – Unspoken Truth; Saxophonist Extraordinaire – Jim Johnson; former Grace Thrillers singer, Jascinth, will deliver her Reggae Gospel ministry; the creative sounds of Dwight Blair and his band, along with other former members of the Grace Thrillers! Don’t Miss it! Tickets are only $10! Other information forthcoming.


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