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Welcome to the website for the AMBIDEXTERITY family of products and outreach endeavors. Ambidexterity Club, Inc., is a non-profit organization. We provide outreach and cater to the literary and creative arts—performing and visual—needs of all ages, with a focus in music, literary, and the creative expression.

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We are dedicated to reaching communities through our outreach efforts, and supporting the talents and dreams of all those who cross our path, and those whose paths we have been blessed to cross.






Our Mission:

The cumulative mission of the Ambidexterity brands is to support, promote and advocate for high quality creative and expressive arts in our communities, and all who can now reach us worldwide. We are here to enhance lives, and are fully aware that “to give is better than to receive” so we actively advocate for the less fortunate in our society—especially the children—with the help of our sponsors and supporters, to the best of our ability. We accomplish our mission by offering a variety of products, services and opportunities in a multi-creative format to cater to the needs of our focus groups. Our hope is to network with other professionals in all the applicable ways in order to be of service to our world, creatively. Some of these opportunities are offered through newsletters, workshops, and social network involvement, and we are always looking for creative volunteers.  [back to top]

Our Vision:

Ambidexterity’s vision focuses on three broad goals:

  • Goal 1: Facilitating improvements in the lives of people, particularly the lives of the next generation, by creating development opportunities/resources in the field of the creative and expressive arts and outreach, and by setting and promoting standards which are driven by the Spirit of Excellence;
  • Goal 2: Improving public understanding of the importance of the arts; recruiting support for high-quality deliverables in as many areas of the creative arts as possible; providing high-quality programs through interactions with centers, churches, schools and via international collaborations, for children, youth and adults.
  • Goal 3: Building and maintaining a strong diverse and inclusive organization that enables Ambidexterity to achieve goals 1 and 2.  [back to top]

Our Values:

Ambidexterity’s value statements are as follows:

  1. Garnering the commitment, loyalty, and enthusiasm of volunteers and supporters by providing opportunities for participation and contribution in the creative arts;
  2. Valuing and respecting diverse viewpoints, perspectives and creativity in all aspects of the creative expressions we promote;
  3. Promoting the inclusion, access, and nondiscrimination in the full range of programs and outreach we offer;
  4. Maintaining and designing programs and services that support individuals and collective efforts to improve the creative arts in communities, and programs that operate with a variety of sponsors, funding sources, and structures;
  5. Encouraging and supporting a strong network of affiliates, volunteers, sponsors and supporters who provide leadership and growth opportunities at all levels;
  6. Supporting the development of individuals’ competence, creative abilities and attitudes through tutoring, persuasion, and the modeling of those competencies;
  7. Designing activities and products that promote recognition of the expertise of the creative arts, and
  8. Building and maintaining a strong organizational structure governance, communication, financial base, headquarters staff, volunteers and facility—to provide excellent leadership, coordination and services.  [back to top]

Ambidex Club Products & Services:

  1. AMBIDEXTERITY CLUB, INC is a Non-Profit Organization organized to serve in the capacities of social, visual and performing arts outreach facilitation, reaching out to seniors, adults, young-adults and the youth population, providing opportunities in the creative arts and other forms of expression. Our motto is: “There’s a Place For Us—Serving in the Arts!”.  

    Ambidexterity Club provides and monitors the following outreach opportunities:

    • Youth Chorale International® (a ministry which provides an outlet for creative musical expression among Christian Youth between the ages of 13 and 20)  –  [Click here for more  info – Join here]
    • J’s Minies® (an outreach ministry which sells cookies to collect funds for Christmas gifts to children at the Homeless Shelter) –  [click to donate]
    • Comfy Tots® & Comfy Seniors® (an outreach ministry which creates hand-crafted blankets for newborns and seniors at area hospitals and Nursing Homes) –  [click to donate]
    • Ambidexterity Book Club® (Love a great story? Snuggle up with a fabulous book that is guaranteed to keep you wanting more! Participate in Book Review Trivia and Contests, to win prizes throughout the year!)     [Click here for more  info – Join here]
    • AmbideX-THEATRE® – Ambidexterity Club’s home of original and live plays/stage productions. [Our first stage production, PREACHER MAN, ran twice at The Life Center Church, Eatonville, FL, in June 2011, featuring talented local actors and singers…] –  [Click here for more  info – Join here]

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  2. AMBIDEXTERITY CLUB currently offers the following products and services:

    •  Ambidexterity Club’s CONFERENCES & Gala/Banquet Planning:
      1. Exclusive Events (Gala/Banquet) and Workshops: Events that are uniquely “You” – whether it’s showing your employees your appreciation for their hard work and dedication, or as a member/employee incentive event:
      2. i. Sign up your organization or church, and
      3. ii. Request your event  date(s)
        1. [click to book your event]
      4. YOUTH IN PRAISE EVENT 2019 (“Youth Talent Showcase”) –  [click to REGISTER]
        1. Sign up your Gifted & Talented Youth & Youth Groups!
      5. Parenting Workshop[click to book your workshop]
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    • Books by Jascinth Brockington (Motto: “Publish His glorious deeds among the nations. Tell everyone about the amazing things He does!” (Psalm 96:3—NLT))….
      1. Jamaica-Joy Her American Dream – [BUY NOW]
      2. SHANKY – [BUY NOW]
      3. Kingston City – [BUY NOW]
      4. Daughters of Sceva – [BUY NOW]
      5. Arch-Enemy of Our Souls – [BUY NOW]
      6. Valley of Despair (coming in 2019 – pre-ordering available)
      7. When Willow Weeps (coming in 2019 – pre-ordering available)

    • eBooks (see “Booking” opportunities for applicable Workshops)
      1. The Choir (WORKSHOP available)  *Pastors, Choir Directors, Music Ministers, book your workshop right here before the dates fill up! [schedule your workshop here]
      2. Parenting (WORKSHOP currently available – book coming soon!) [schedule your workshop here]
      3. Healing Herbs, Foods and Such (Book coming soon!)

    • Other Products:
      1. Abstract Art Designs by Jascinth (original abstract designs; laminated and ready for framing) – (coming soon)
      2. Designed by Jascinth® (Hat & Scarf Ensemble line) – (coming soon)
      3. EDITING SERVICES by Ambidexterity Club – (coming soon)

    • Music:

    1. SAIJ (Seed of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob) MUSIC[BUY NOW]
      SAIJ (Acronym for Seed of Abraham, Isaac & Jacob) is a team of four (4) female singers who have been singing together for over 18 years. From left to right: Deborah Carwise, Jascinth Brockington, Michelle Jones and Sheryl Doctor. The ladies of SAIJ completed their first music project which is a 4-song project titled, “Introducing SAIJ” in 2009. The CD is available here—the Ambidex Store—from CD Baby, and wherever SAIJ ministers in songs.

    2. Jascinth – Music CD [BUY NOW]


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