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ComfyTots Blanket Selections:

  • Comfy TeddyBear”: Soft flannel blanket with teddy bear designs and crocheted or lace border;
  • Comfy Angel”: Soft flannel blanket with angel designs and pink or blue lace border

Donate here to help provide cozy blankets for newborns and personalized blankets for seniors, in centers and nursing homes. NOTE: Anyone who donates $100 or more will receive a sample blanket to give to someone you love or just to keep as souvenir. That’s the least that we can do to say ‘thank you’ from our hearts for your support.

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J’s Minies: Sale of Mini-Cookies (cranberry cookies, chocolate chip cookies, pecan cookies, macadamia nut cookies, oatmeal and oatmeal raisin cookies) are just some of the delicious cookie types that we sell between October and December to collect funds for the Homeless Coalition. The money is used to purchase Christmas gifts for children residing at the shelter.

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NOTE: To purchase ORIGINAL ABSTRACT ART, please use any of the donate buttons above and enter $150 as the amount. Design samples can be seen on the “Jascinth” page. Thank you! Become an Ambidex Sponsor!
Promote your business or event by becoming a SPONSOR for any of our outreach endeavors at the Silver, Gold or Platinum levels.

  • Silver Level – $200-499
  • Gold Level – $500-999
  • Platinum Level – $1,000 & up

Our Sponsors’ business links will be placed on our website and visible to all visitors. Interested Businesses or Individuals, please contact us for details: [email protected] or [email protected]

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JAMAICA JOY by Jascinth Brockington
This autobiographical novel is written in first-person narrative. It’s a beautifully written depiction of one young girl’s dream of leaving her birthplace of Kingston, Jamaica, to a more promising future in America. Author Jascinth Brockington meticulously pens the journey of Joia Fellows, successfully pulling the reader into contrasting cultures as experienced by the protagonist. Somewhere in these pages you will find yourself, or, at the least, learn of a path you have yet to take! A must read!  JAMAICA-JOY: Her America Dream by Jascinth Brockington (Price: $15, incl. tax, plus $7 shipping = $22.00)

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book_kingstoncityKINGSTON CITY by Jascinth Brockington
What happens when a College professor breaks all the rules to go with his instinct? What can possibly happen to a student whose academic focus is interrupted by a most unusual love interest? In Kingston City, you will find the most unpredictable and emotionally-charged story written by Jascinth Brockington. As you read one page, there is absolutely no guessing what’s to come on the next. It’s a love story; yet, you will find it to be more a lesson in what love is not, as there is a well-defined distinction made between real love and pretentious love.
(Price: $15, incl. tax, plus $7 shipping = $22.00)

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book_shankySHANKY by Jascinth Brockington
A young protagonist, Kenya Burgess, is living under the mysterious residue of deep, dark family secrets. In her bitterness she is faced with hard lessons and issues, including juvenile delinquency and incarceration, while attempting to deal with the mental effects of her family’s past. Her life takes an unexpected turn, one that even she could not have foreseen. Written in first-person narrative, SHANKY tastefully addresses many contemporary issues faced by our youth and young-adults. This is most definitely another hard-to-put-down and a must-read novel by Christian author, Jascinth Brockington!  (Price: $15, incl. tax, plus $7 shipping = $22.00)

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book_daughtersofscevaDAUGHTERS OF SCEVA by Jascinth Brockington
Like the sons of Sceva portrayed in the Acts of the Apostles in the Holy Bible, Daughters of Sceva is a controversial and modernized storyline with a few more twists and turns. This novel depicts three self-destructive sisters who literally begin the wheels of misfortune a-turning when they make a life-changing decision to mislead and deceive God’s people. Their seemingly clever and calculated plans serve only to backfire, culminating in much unnecessary tragedy. Another one of Jascinth’s novels which will captivate and keep your attention to the very last page!
(Price: $15, incl. tax, plus $7 shipping = $22.00)

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book_archenemyARCH-ENEMY OF OUR SOULS by Jascinth Brockington
The Bible compares the devil to a “roaring lion.” Every moment that we exist, the enemy plots our demise. He seeks to destroy us, and uses every opportunity to deceive those who are unaware of his tactics. That makes him our most menacing and intimidating predator—as the lion in his domain. That makes him our greatest enemy—and not just an enemy, but the arch-enemy—and our ultimate nemesis. In much travail, Jascinth Brockington wrote and published her first non-fiction. It is a SWOT Analysis—as used in corporate America—of the enemy of our souls. There is no doubt that this book will change your life!

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MUSIC BY JASCINTH & SAIJ (Seed of Abraham, Isaac & Jacob)

SAIJ (Acronym for Seed of Abraham, Isaac & Jacob) is a team of four (4) female singers who have been singing together for over 15 years. From left to right: Deborah Carwise, Jascinth Brockington, Michelle Jones and Sheryl Doctor. The ladies of SAIJ completed their first music project which is a 4-song project  titled, “Introducing SAIJ” in 2009.

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Jascinth BrockingtonJASCINTH – Music CD titled “LORD YOU ARE MY SONG” was released in 2003 and contains 8 of Jascinth’s original Reggae-Gospel songs! These songs include TRUST HIM MORE, made popular by Jamaican Gospel Icon, Shirley Willis. You will love the distinct style and rhythm combined with the solid lyrics which make up this wonderful Island and Contemporary music project by Jascinth Brockington!

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